Anaflora Individual Flower Essences for Animals
With Brief Definitions

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40 Alpine Pussy Paws Wandering/loss of purpose Focus on home
41 Alpine Shooting Star Alienation from Source Feeling at Home
42 Alyssum Extreme of passivity or aggression Feminine balance in either species
43 Amaranthus Grief/death of animal friend Hope/re-alignment with departed
44 Beargrass Sullenness or distractibility Balance/self possession
45 Big Springs Rock Water Vitality/seniors/indoor animals Vitality/attunement to nature
46 Blackberry Depression / heavy heartedness Hope/joy/enthusiasm
47 Blue Eyed Grass Separation anxiety/fear aggression Feeling of being loved and cherished
48 Bleeding Heart Consequences of a broken heart Heart center opening, trust
49 Broadleaf Lupine Genetic hyperactivity Calmness/self possession
50 Bunchberry Performance anxiety/confusion Focused attunement
51 California Pitcher Plant Lack of focus/shock/ disassociation Grounding/earth connection
52 California Poppy Odd behaviors for no apparent reason Emotional cleansing
53 California Wild Rose Thorns of life have been too sharp Hope/renewed ability to trust
54 Castle Lake Azalea Consequence of abuse or trauma Beauty in the face of adversity
55 Cat’s Ears Disassociative states/ withdrawal Grounding/body awareness
56 Chamomile Nervousness/suppressed instincts Peacefulness/attunement to nature
57 Chaparal Iris Shying away from life Creative enthusiasm
58 Checker Mallow Boredom/confusion/loss of purpose Alignment between animal/human
59 Chickory Possessiveness/fear of lack Unconditional love and acceptance
60 Chinese Wisteria Imbalance/fleas/mites Subtle body alignment/ resistance
61 Clematis Itching/hot spots/shock/anxiety Coolness/peace/ equanimity
62 Comfrey Lack of communication/trauma Enhanced telepathy/1st aid after accident
63 Coral Root Early life or karmic trauma Return to a life of joy
64 Cosmos Hyperactivity/stubbornness Focused attention/ enhanced telepathy
65 Cow Parsnip Anxiety during change Happiness in present circumstances
66 Coyote Mint Depression/especially in dogs Vitality/earth attunement
67 Daffodil Lack of attunement to animals Enhanced telepathy
68 Dandelion Epilepsy/sleep disturbance Earth attunement/body centerdness
69 Deerbrush Split loyalties/conflicting emotions One pointed vision
70 Delphinium Disconnection—earth/other beings Enhanced telepathy
71 Dogwood Jealousy/mistrust Inclusiveness/love
72 Douglas Iris World weariness/lethargy/ seniors Enthusiasm for life
73 Douglas Violet Withdrawal in senior animals Attunement to the present moment
74 Dwarf Mountain Manzanita Shyness/sensitive by nature Strengthened sense of self
75 Dwarf Purple Monkeyflower Shyness/fear Self assurance, joy, integration
76 Evening Primrose Traumatic early experience/ karmic trauma Healthy relationship with mother
77 False Helebore Psychosomatic illness/ withdrawal Fearlessness and joy
78 Farewell to Spring Depression due to aging Peace of mind / fearlessness
79 Fennel Anxiety/absorbing human stress Equipoise/courage/ grounding
80 Foxglove Depression/broken heart/foot issues Light heartedness/ tranquility
81 Forget-Me-Not Loneliness/isolation/accidents Integration/acceptance/ joy
82 Fragrant Water Lily Loss of purpose/abuse Transcendence/Spiritual Purity
83 French Marigold Withdrawal/karmic trauma/ shock Trust/presence/ openness/heart opening
84 Fuchsia Psychosomatic illness/fear aggression Loving-kindness/heart opening
85 Grape Hyacinth Hysteria/panic Calmness during stress
86 Gold Plate Feelings of lack/separation anxiety Experience of universal abundance
87 Heart Leaved Bittercress Over-sensitivity/fear aggression Heart center opening
88 Hearts Ease Consequence of abuse/grief Trust/heart opening
89 Holly Fear of lack/jealousy/ inadequacy All inclusive love/heart center opening
90 Hooded Lady’s Tresses Trauma held at the cellular level Release/nurturance/joy/ spontaneity
91 Hyssop Co-dependancy/taking on disease Forgiveness between animal/human
92 Indian Pond Lily - G. Lotus Effects of trauma and abuse Compassion/heart center opening
93 Iris Versicolor Absorbance of negativity Firm boundaries / sense of self
94 Lady’s Slipper Lack of nurturing/foot problems Divine and self nurturance protection/ foot
95 Lavender Desire for telepathy Enhanced telepathy and bonding
96 Lilac Spinal injury/epilepsy/nerve damage Enhancement to all healing methods
97 Live Forever Over-sensitivity to earth suffering Felt experience of the Grace of God
98 Lobelia Convulsive disorders/ inflammation Release of trauma/ balanced emotion
99 Mallow Insecurity/anxiety/fear with age Sense of Divine Love/ protection
100 Manzanita Excessive sleep states/ aggression Emotional balance
101 Marsh Marigold Lack of deep attunement to animal Heart centered communication
102 Miniature Lupine Sensitivity to noise/touch Calm, experience of Divine
103 Monk’s Hood Soul wounding from abuse Sense of Divine Selfhood
104 Morning Glory Aggression/inappropriate elimination Peacefulness/trust/ attention
105 Mountain Fleabane Fleas/tick/mites Balanced parasite/host relationship
106 Mullein Indecisiveness/confusion/ fatigue Endurance/focused attention/stamina
107 Mustard Depression for no reason Experience of Faith, Hope & Grace
108 Onion Birth trauma/karmic trauma Fearlessness/unfolding of potential
109 Oregon Grape Mistrust due to fear and abuse Heart center opening/ trust
110 Panther Spring Rock Water Desire for spiritual bonding Enhanced telepathy/joy/ spontaneity
111 Pearly Everlasting Separation anxiety Freedom from fear/ unconditional love
112 Peony Low self worth/abuse/spay/ neuter God Consciousness/ balance
113 Periwinkle Depression/disassociative states Inner knowing/joy/trust in life
114 Pine Guilt/remorse/consequence of abuse Joy / new beginnings
115 Pine Violet Shyness/withdrawal in seniors Presence to the moment
116 Pink Milkweed Inability to feel nurtured/abuse Nurturance/self love
117 Pink Monkeyflower Shame stemming from abuse Worthiness/positive sense of self
118 Plantain Rigid negative behavior patterns Spontaneity/gentleness
119 Pride of the Mountain Fear & withdrawal due to abuse Renewed sense of self/ open to love
120 Purple Crocus Lack of bonding with animal Telepathy/spiritual bonding
121 Quaking Grass Fear/dislike of groups of animals All inclusiveness/ unconditional love
122 Queen Anne’s Lace Emotional wounding/ over-sensitivity Release of trauma/joy/ freedom
123 Rabbitbrush Panic/hyperactivity Focused alertness/inner peace
124 Red Clover Hysteria/swept away by emotion Calmness/centered awareness
125 St. John’s Wort Deep seated fears/vulnerability epilepsy Courage/strength/ spiritual awareness
126 Scarlet Paintbrush Lethargy/withdrawal Positive life force
127 Scotch Broom Anxiety/depression for no reason Joy/positive outlook
128 Self Heal Emotional states/trauma/disease Vitality/grace/radiant health and life force
129 Shasta Alpine Aster Lack of concentration/ fatigue/stress Calmness/concentration
130 Shasta Daisy Difficulty learning/lack of focus Intuitive knowing/clear perception/focus
131 Shasta Lily Lack of nurturing/fear/abuse Nurturance/heart opening/protection
132 Shasta Star Flower Confinement/over-domestication Attunement to nature
133 Shasta Star Tulip Absorbing negativity/ illness Assimilation without illness
134 Shasta White Lupine World weariness/senior years Perseverance/stamina
135 Shasta White Sage Feral animals/releasing old patterns Trust/fearlessness/ integration
136 Shooting Star Alienation/abuse/feral animals Sense of purpose & belonging
137 Siskiyou Iris Confined animals Attunement to nature/self motivation
138 Small Tiger Lily Fear aggression Balance/trust/openness
139 Snapdragon Aggression/biting/barking/ teeth Peacefulness/trust/ relaxed jaw and mouth
140 Squash Spay-neuter/pregnancy Balance of sexual energy
141 Squaw Spring Rock Water Lack of nurturing/overly dutiful Peacefulness/angelic connection
142 Sunflower Overly aggressive or passive Balance/healing
143 Sweet Brier Hopeless cases/finding new home Hope/faith/renewal
144 Sweet Pea Wandering / getting “lost” & #148 Sense of purpose/focus on home
145 Thimbleberry Feeling of over-exposure/ feet/paws Protection/protection for foot/paws
146 Tofield’s Swamp Lily Psychosomatic illness Release of trauma/health
147 Tiger Lily Aggression/inappropriate urination Balance/trust/openness
148 Twinflower Lack of communication Enhanced telepathy
149 Wagon Creek Buttercup Indoor animals/lethargy/ depression Attunement to nature/ renewed life force
150 Watercress fear/biting/stress sweetness/innocence/ trust
151 Water Hemlock High strung animals/ training Calmness/focused attention
152 Western Choke Cherry Absorbing human stress Calm inner and outer presence
153 White Clover Change/uncertainty/fear Valor/calmness/focused attention
154 White Crocus animals being placed in new home joyful transition
155 White Yarrow Absorbing negative thought forms Protection/balance
156 Wild Ginger Shyness/lethargy/lack of vital force Creativity/courage/ spontaneity
157 Wild Strawberry Fear/submission/lack of will Balanced self-assertion
158 Wisteria Imbalance/fleas/parasites Balance/strength/comfort
159 Yellow Monkeyflower Inappropriate sexual displays Male/female balance/ neutrality
160 Yerba Santa Hysterical states/ internalized grief Calmness/grounding/ release/peace