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Providing Insight, Inspiration, Education & Transformation. Supporting the Animals, the Earth, and All Life, in the acceleration in consciousness taking place at this time. Communication with all life is available to anyone wishing to participate in the awakening of all beings.

Gina Palmer, Animal Communicator Gina Palmer, Animal Communication Specialist, offers private telepathic communication consultations by telephone and in person, and teaches classes in Basic & Advanced skills in animal communication,Totem Power Animal Retrieval Sessions, and Nature Spirits.

Have you ever wished that humans could communicate with other species in peaceful cooperation upon the earth?

Gina Palmer proves we can, offering:

Animal Communication Sessions via phone or house calls
Behavior & Wellness Therapies
Bereavement Counseling
Classes and Workshops in Animal Communication
Educational Lectures
Animal & Nature Articles
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Born and raised in California, Gina has traveled extensively with her animal companions in the U.S. and has studied in Peru, Bolivia, and the Yucatan. A graduate student of author and master teacher Penelope Smith and a student of Mayan Shaman Hunbatz Men, Gina utilizes Light, Healing Touch, Sound, Bodywork, Flower Essences, and Intuitive Skills. She brings her clients a lifetime of skills and successes. To learn more about Gina and her gifts, visit About Gina.

Gina joins her business partner, Kim Patrick of Paws & Claws, in scheduling events, classes, consultations, and workshops, offering education and insight into animal intelligence and communication.

Communication with all life is everyone’s birthright
waiting to be re-awakened in each human being!

St. Francis watches
over the residents at Paws & Claws

Here's what some of Gina’s clients have to say:

Gina, thank you. I appreciate all you have done . . . for helping me in so many meaningful ways, for sharing with me the gift of your wisdom and guidance, for encouraging me to grow and for making a real difference in my life

—K.L., Sunland, CA

Our Airedale puppy had been abused (hit) by his first owners. Giving him the Anaflora flower essence of "Pound Puppies" and "Return To Joy" have helped him a lot. At times he would get that glazed look in his eyes and growl at us (as if he didn't know where he was). I put the Return To Joy in the palm of my hand and he would eagerly lap it up. Within about eight minutes he'd be different - relaxed - affectionate, wagging his tail again! That, plus patience, and explaining things to him, unconditional love and the T Touch have really helped!

—C.R., Watsonville, CA

Jessie (cat) and I have learned to take each other's personality traits with laughter and joy. We butted heads a few times but with Gina's insights we were able to snap right out of it. I was very scared when Jessie had to go into surgery, but with Gina's help I returned to a state of peace and faith. Gina taught me that sometimes my cat mirrors my own sate of being, so now when he seems upset, I know I might need to address something about my own attitude. When I do that, he always goes through the shift with me.

—Dr. L.M., Santa Cruz, CA

Gina, I thought you would like to know of the enchanting results we have had with our "shrieking" bird. After your session, I feel I understand him better. We have decided that wing clipping is what would bring us the intimacy we once had with him and have longed to have again. He seems to have already donned his "wing clipped personality" of earlier days, climbing around on things, choosing not to fly, cocking his head at crazy angles to look at things and then looking at us, showing us his clownish side. When I look at cockatiels from the side, I think he has a smile in his beak. He is now on day three of what looks like complete contentment!. Perhaps I really heard him for a change.

—D.B., San Diego, CA

The Anaflora flower essence remedies; "Relocation" made a long distance move to a new environment much easier for my nervous cat. The "Calm Kitty" & "Return to Joy" have helped both of us through some difficult times, including the addition of a new animal into the family.
They are terrific!

—K.O., Morro Bay, CA

“Gina, thank you so much for your assistance in communicating with our birds. We are seeing positive results already, and I know there will be more as time goes on. You have an incredible gift that has made a difference in our lives, and for Duncan and Missy.”

—A.W., San Diego, CA

“Gina, Allie has come home! Thank you so much for your help and for reminding me of who I am and what I can do.”

—K.W., Escondido, CA

“Gina, Joshua came home the morning after I performed the release ceremony you suggested. I am humbled. Thank you.

—J.B., San Diego, CA

“Gina, Pickles’ 104 degree fever broke almost immediately after our session. It’s interesting that Ira’s joy seems to be rising simultaneously with Pickles’ lowered temperature. I will be spreading the news of your good works. Thank you!”

—J.K., La Jolla, CA